They can't relate to you because you're too...

... [fill in the blank].

For real, friend. We all have those moments of, "Maybe I'm too much."

You've been told you're too ambitious; too driven; too positive; too needy; too smart; too loud; too opinionated; too emotional; too aggressive, etc.

And if you're not self-aware as the guardian of your thoughts and your energy, it becomes easy to fall in the trap of actually believing these lies.

Listen, I'll assert that if you're reading this and you found me then you must be pretty darn awesome.

Yet sometimes even the rockstars like you forget that you are just that.

Do you work your butt off to be successful yet still feel exhausted from holding it all together?

Do you care deeply about the people in your life yet run into the same pitfalls where you feel alone, misunderstood and unappreciated?

I got some news for ya': you don't know what you need to know yet.

There is a SECRET ingredient you're unaware of that exists in every personal and professional relationship you have - but if you don't know what that is, you'll stay in that cycle of "I'm too much" (or "I'm not enough") forever.

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Holly Berube - Emotional Intelligence Coach

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